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A proper golf greens soil fertility and water quality testing program makes for happy putters.




As an independent soils consultant, Paskvan Consulting is free to recommend other businesses to golf course and sports field superintendents whose interest is in meeting your needs at a fair price. Craig has worked with or knows each of the businesses featured below.

Some of the greatest golf courses and sod farms in the world are valued clients of Paskvan Consulting. See the links to some of these below.

Growing Solutions, Inc. Growing Solutions, Inc. are distributors of pHirst™ irrigation water treatment products used extensively in the golf course, commercial turf and nursery industries.

AerWay®'s Advanced Aeration Systems offer a range of solutions for today's farming and turfgrass management professional. is the online resource for golf club superintendents and professional staff.

Vital Earth Resources is the maker of a remarkable new biostimulant.

Outstanding Turf/Sod Suppliers, and Nurseries

Great Golf Courses linked to Paskvan Consulting.







Growing Solutions, Inc. logo--distributors of liquid fertilizer and irrigation water treatment products.

Your one-stop shop for "fertigation," custom formulated
liquid fertilizers and water treatment products and services.
Growing Solutions, Inc. are distributors of pHirst™ irrigation water treatment products used extensively in the golf course, commercial turf and nursery industries.








Aerway logo--manufacturers of turf aeration systens. Proper aeration is vital to a successful soil fertility program.

AerWay® Turf Aeration Systems offer a variety of application- specific, low-cost options for Turfgrass Managers and Golf Course Superintendents. Only AerWay®’s advanced turf aeration systems assure that you have the right tine option and frame size for your applications – whether on roughs, fairways, tees or greens.



 logo--a one-stop Website for golf course maintenance supplies.

One of the great Web sites for golf course superintendents and staff professionals is Dan Perry's At Dan's site, you can find suppliers for almost any need on the golf course. Periodically, Craig Paskvan submits articles on soil testing and golf course grounds maintenance issues for








Vital Earth Resources logo--makers of agricultural products that can be effective parts of a good soil fertility program.

Vital Earth Resources makes a variety of agricultural products, including a new biostimulant called "Vitazyme" that has dramatically increased agricultural crop yields. It is just now being introduced to the golf course industry, with remarkable results. The product, which is used in very small amounts, reduces nitrogen inputs, is environmentally safe, and increases yields. It works with the microorganisms in the soil in a symbiotic relationship that leads to better plant photosynthesis. Both plant and soil are improved.













Outstanding Turf and Sod Suppliers and Nurseries

Paskvan Consulting has worked for years with some excellent turf and sod farms. Two of these are:

Rehbein farms logo-a large golf course construction and engineering firm.

Glenn Rehbein Turf Farms are one part of Glenn Rehbein Companies, a large and very capable construction and engineering firm specializing in golf course and landscape development.

Fricke and Sons' Sod Farm--a sod farm with an effective soil tests program.

A turf field at Fricke's Sod Farm

Fricke and Sons Sod in Blaine, MN is another great source for golf course sod and turf.

Lee's Nursery Supplies
Goodmark Nurseries
















Great Golf Links

Good soil testing, water quality testing, and environmental testing programs will drive golfers to your golf course.

Here are links to some of the world's great golf courses. If you would like to see your course listed here, contact Craig Paskvan (details on the "Contact Us" page)

First, from Germany, suggested by GMC Golf Service:

Golfclub Waldbrunnen im Siebengebirge e.V.
Golfclub Reutlingen-Sonnenbuehl e.V.
Frankfurter Golfclub e.V.
Golfclub Huenxerwald e.V. (no Webpage yet)
Golfplatz St. Leon-Rot GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG
Golfclub Schloss Maxlrain e.V.
Golfclub Biblis Wattenheim e.V.

In Korea:

G1 Greens Company
Asiana Country Club
Eden Valley Country Club
Gyeongju Country Club
Jade Palace Golf Club
Kyongju Country Club
Adelscott Country Club
Leaders Country Club
Pine Hills Country Club
Seorabol Golf Club
Vivaldi Park Country Club
Blue Bird Country Club
Lotte Sky Hill Country Club
Mauna Ocean Country Club

And in the U.S.:

In addition to the many fine golf courses in the Upper Midwest and Chicago regions listed below, we are proud to add one of the nation's top 10 golf courses:
Sutton Bay, South Dakota


Cedar Creek Golf Course
Crow River Country Club
Grand National Golf Club at Hinckley
Minneapolis Golf Club
Pioneer Creek
Rush Creek Golf Club
The Preserve
The Pines
Troy Burne Golf Club
Whitefish Golf Course
Golden Eagle Golf Club
Thumperpond Golf Course
Midland Hills Country Club
Rich-Spring Golf Club
The Legacy at Craguns
The Legends Club
North Links at Mankato
Oakdale Country Club
Glencoe Country Club
Fortune Bay Resort and Casino
Edina Country Club
Golden Valley Country Club
Rolling Green Country Club
Ely Golf Club
Black Bear Golf Course and Casino
Grand National Golf Club
King's Walk Golf Club
Territory Golf Club
Headwaters Country Club
MaKray Memorial Golf Club
Perham Lakeside Golf Club
StoneRidge Golf Club
The Wilds Golf Club
Olympic Hills Golf Club
Itasca Country Club (Chicago, Il)
Wynstone Golf Club (Chicago, Il) (no Web site)
The Merit Club (Chicago, Il) (no Web site)
Hilldale Golf Club (Chicago, Il) (no Web site)
The Cloquet Country Club (no Web site)
Windsong Farm Golf Club (no Web site)
The Minikahda Club (no Web site)
Lake Nehai Golf Club (no Web site)

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