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The USGA 2004 recommendations for putting green construction are posted here for your convenience. The report is in PDF format, so you'll need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to view it.

Also, please see "Dr. Dirt's Diggings," otherwise known as Paskvan Consulting's blog! This, the world's only blog dedicated to concerns and issues related to soil fertility, is a forum for news and discussion concerning soil testing, water irrigation issues, fertilization and the environment--or any issue related to these.


One of Paskvan Consulting's best received communications efforts is our newsletter. We use the letter to pass on important information to golf course superintendents, such as changes to USGA greens and golf course tests and parameters, and turf management tips. If you'd like to receive our mailing, let us know either by clicking on the "Contact Us" page button or by using the e-mail form found on the "Seminar" page.

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#1: December 17, 1999
#2: April 17, 2000
#3: August 10, 2000
#4: November 26, 2000
#5: February 2, 2001
#6: March 25, 2001
#7: February 4, 2002
#8: July 3, 2002
#9: January 1, 2004
#9: February 16, 2005

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