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Paskvan Consulting is a unique firm that specializes in balanced soil fertility consulting services for golf courses, golf course construction, sod and turf farms, and sports fields.

Consultant Craig Paskvan makes nutrient recommendations based on the time-honored principles of balancing soil nutrients set forth by William A. Albrecht, famous soil scientist at the University of Missouri.


A superindendent pulls a soil test sample, and checks for results of a cost-effective soil fertility program.

A superindendent pulls a soil test sample, and checks for results of a cost-effective soil fertility program.


Paskvan Consulting is an independent consulting service. Craig says, "My services and recommendations are unbiased, objective, and thorough. I work for you and your success.Time and time again, my clients impress upon me how much they appreciate my independent status, that I am not there to push any company's products, or accept kickbacks from nutrient manufacturers. Trust and respect are the cornerstones of my business. I have a list of outstanding clients and friends that use my services. Whether you are public or private, exclusive or small, Paskvan Consulting will give you the same service that my present clients have come to expect."

The Consultant Half of Paskvan Consulting

Craig Paskvan specializes in soil fertility testing for golf courses, turf farms and sports fields.
Craig Paskvan

Craig Paskvan is a graduate of the University of Minnesota with a double degree in Animal Science and Agricultural Education. He spent 7-1/2 years teaching high school agriculture and advising the local chapter of the Future Farmers of America.

Craig then accepted a position as a farm management instructor, working with and educating farmers. In this position, he was responsible for assimilating and analyzing all the records of his clients in order to tell them what was working on their farms and why. During this period, Craig was introduced to the Albrecht theory of balanced fertility. He encouraged the farmers with whom he was working to use Albrecht's methods. After witnessing the results the farmers obtained, Craig was convinced that working with balanced soil fertility was what he really wanted to pursue.

In 1992 Craig was asked to look at a golf course, and, as they say, "the rest is history." He currently works with over 65 golf courses and sod farms in six states and abroad. With this firm foundation, Paskvan Consulting continues to expand nationally and internationally.

Craig firmly believes that once a teacher, always a teacher: "The more my clients know about what I do and how I do it, the easier it is for them to apply the balanced nutrient programs I recommend. Nothing is more satisfying to me than clients who are pleased with my services."

Craig maintains membership in the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association, the Arrowhead Turf Association and the Association of Brookside Consultants (see the "Laboratory" page.)

In 2003, Craig became one of the first soil consultants trained and certified by the State of Minnesota through the University of Minnesota concerning the use of phosphorus in fertilizer. Craig therefore meets all qualifications specified in Minnesota's strict new environmental protection law (state law S.F. 1555).

The "Heart" of Paskvan Consulting
Mary Paskvan

The other half of the business is run by Craig's wife, Mary. When Craig is calling on clients, Mary handles much of the administrative work that mounts up and would otherwise have to wait until Craig is back in the office. She keeps track of Craig's schedule and appointments and provides a link between Craig and client superintendents when Craig is on the road.

Mary is a graduate of Bethel College in Arden Hills, Minnesota, where she received a degree in history. Mary managed a law office in St. Paul for 5 years. After Craig and Mary were married and moved to northern Minnesota, Mary returned to school and received a degree in elementary education from Bemidji State University, graduating summa cum laude.

Mary is an elementary school teacher in the Walker (MN) School District. In 2003, Mary and her class were the national winners of the 2003 National Student Publishing Award from Time®, Time for Kids® and the Association of Educational Publishers. The award is given to "school magazines or newspapers with an underlying objective of imparting information on news and events about the school community or of interest to the school community."(AEP) The school newspaper is called the Wolf Prints.

Mary Paskvan with Kathryn Satterfield, editor of "Time for Kids."
Mary Paskvan, left, at banquet dinner with Kathryn Satterfield, editor of Time for Kids.

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