The right soil fertility program solves turf problems, saves golf course and sod farms money.

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There are basically two reasons golf courses, sports fields, and turf farms call on soil consultants. The first is to improve the quality of turf or plants at reasonable costs. Many superintendents let fertilizer companies run some "free" perfunctory tests, then spend tens of thousands of dollars on expensive fertilizer and pesticide programs.

Superintendents are pleased to learn that by using the right type of fertilizers targeted to the soil's needs, an independent soil consultant like Paskvan Consulting can significantly lower the cost of their fertilizer and pesticide programs -- even as much as 70%!

Of course, not every situation can boast 70% savings -- there are too many variables. But what Paskvan Consulting clients report over a two- or three year maintenance program is clear: balanced plant nutrients lead to significantly lower costs and healthier turf or plants. Craig Paskvan's status as a consultant who is independent of any nutrient maker or chemical distributor contributes directly to your bottom line savings.

The second reason superintendents call on soil consultants is to solve stubborn grounds maintenance problems the fertilizer companies can't or won't treat. Quite often, superintendents will ask a local university for help, only to find that university experts can't help. Paskvan Consulting built its reputation by taking a direct, personal interest in solving your problems. Here are some examples:

In 2001, a golf course called on Paskvan Consulting to develop a continuous testing regime to prove that fertilizers were not seeping into bodies of water bordering the course. There's no textbook method for that, but Craig developed an innovative program that proved no seepage was occurring. (See the "Environmental Testing" page for details.)

Another superintendent couldn't get grass to grow on a recently renovated green, and a handful of fertilizer company experts couldn't solve the problem. Paskvan Consulting's investigation showed that the green had been improperly constructed, blocking water drainage.

In the 2000 season, a client superintendent had been bothered by a fungus problem attacking course greens. Paskvan Consulting suggested a simple, cheap remedy that cleared up the fungus infection immediately - an application of baking soda!

In late summer of 2000, Craig was invited to come to a golf course that was experiencing severe problems with its greens.
The course had aleady called on two universities for help earlier in the summer. One university's experts had visited once, and the other's, twice. They could not fix the problem. The superintendent had one of the chemical companies make an appearance, but again, there was no solution.
The superintendent then called Paskvan Consulting. Craig tested the greens and irrigation water from all sources. Based on the laboratory results, Craig put together a program to correct the nutrition of the greens,and a maintenance program. The greens responded within two weeks after the superintendent commenced the programs. The following spring, the superintendent said the greens had never come through a winter as well as they had that year.

An independent soil consultant working to improve your bottom line and solve stubborn problems made this superintendent's job easier:

"I have had trouble in the past with certain areas on my course. I started working with Craig because I wanted an independent source of information to improve my fertility program that was not connected with a distributor. After two years of working with Craig, my members compliment me on the great improvement on our greens, tees, and fairways. Thank you, Craig, for making my job a little easier!

Kevin Froemming
Crow River Country Club

The Fountain at Crow River Country Club

Whether you are public or private, exclusive or small, Paskvan Consulting will give you the same personalized service that our present clients have come to expect:

"We have been using Paskvan Consulting since 1997, and are very pleased with their services. Craig is very professional and gives us the personal attention we need to completely understand our test results, and any actions required to correct the problems. We will continue to use Craig's services and would recommend him to anyone interested."

Mike Bohnenstingl, Supt.
The Preserve Golf Club

Paskvan Consulting's tag line is, "Take Charge of Your Turf!" This superintendent, in his first year at a new club, used Paskvan Consulting to solve a perplexing greens problem. This superintendent took charge of his turf, and the club's board of directors took notice:

"Paskvan Consulting started in August 2001 at Glencoe Country Club. Craig did some soil tests on my greens. This was a blessing because I learned a lot about my greens.
"This was my first year at Glencoe and I was having problems with my greens. After Craig and I talked over the test results and he came up with a game plan, I started my greens on a corrective program. It was like day and night! My greens just took off and never looked back! They came through the winter healthy, and now this spring they are fantastic!! The board of directors saw the results achieved in just 8 months and was so pleased they asked me to have Paskvan Consulting do our tees and fairways this year.
"I would recommend Paskvan Consulting to everyone!"

Jeff Vinkemeier, Superintendent
Glencoe Country Club


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